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Jesse brainard



Jesse James Brainard is a graduate of Gilbert High School and the son of a GPS Educator. He is excited for the opportunity to serve the community he has lived in all his life. He has worked for five years for the State of Arizona in a nonpartisan role where he assists constituents throughout the State. With this experience, he knows the importance of working with others to find solutions to everyday problems.


He knows what it's like to be a student at GPS. He brings a new perspective to the board as a student who struggled at times with bullying, learning disabilities (Having an IEP & 504), and the juggling of extracurriculars.


With these fresh memories in mind, Jesse will be an advocate for student's wellbeing, academic success, and all staff.


Every student at Gilbert Public Schools deserves a safe and quality education. I have identified some issues that I believe we need to address to make our district even better. However, I am well aware that there are many other concerns that need to be discussed. Other topics like Student Safety, Transparency, Parent Involvement, and Fiscal Responsibility are crucial for the success of our schools. But I don't know it all. Your input is needed, and I ask that you share your thoughts with me.



Our students are struggling not only in GPS but throughout the country. With the negative impact of social media and an increase in Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs), it should be at the forefront of everyone's mind. Not being too far removed as a GPS student myself, I can relate with students on the toxic culture of social media and the struggles they face. We must partner with parents to support students of all ages on this issue.

  • Reduce the student to counselor ratio 

  • Develop More Onsite and Online Resources for students

  • Reduce the stigma of mental health issues

  • Student Survey and Input

  • Create Student Mental Health Taskforce with Parents, Mental Health Professionals, and Teachers


Many community members have told me they are concerned about losing quality teachers to other Districts or careers, as is happening across the country. We must treat our teachers with respect and bring them to the table. Our District must stay competitive with other Districts on teacher pay and benefits. We must also look at issues like the loss of prep times for teachers and work-life balance. As the son of a longtime GPS teacher, this is important to me. I have seen all the hard work our educators have put in and the loyalty of those who remain in GPS. Also, as a student with an Individualized Education Program, I couldn't have succeeded without my parents' support and the educators and staff who supported me. 

  • Respect our Educators

  • Increase benefits and pay

  • Provide additional mental health resources for teachers

  • Partner with ASU and Community College future educator programs

  • Lunch Time Shouldn't = Prep Time

  • Put emphasis on administration and teacher communication

SUPPORT Special Education Students

I am passionate about supporting our students in Special Education. I remember my parents and myself having to advocate for my accommodations while at GPS during IEP meetings. I also remember the fantastic support from my teachers, aides, and other staff. I am committed to making sure that we prioritize our funding to support these students, letting them know that they matter and listening to not only the students but the parents, teachers, and staff who are instrumental to their success. 


We have a bus driver shortage, and it needs to be addressed. I have heard from numerous parents, students, and administrators about this problem. Buses are being taken away from schools because of a lack of drivers. This results in students being crammed together in a bus because the number of students commuting stays the same. Not only is this a safety concern, but we must establish consistency. Finding the root causes is imperative to solving this need.

  • Reduce the transportation cost for GPS

  • Better Incentives for bus drivers to stay with GPS

  • Compete with other Districts for time-sensitive grants for hybrid transportation

  • Review electric transportation cost preventative and utilize programs right now that give grants to school districts

  • Include bus drivers in testing new vehicles


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